Brian Wortel for positive thinking, healthy living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Brian Wortel is:  To describe who I am harder to define when given the task, to sum up ones being on a web page. From being a father of two wonderful daughters to being a veteran of the Unites States Army (served as a combat medic) to being a school educator for the past 20 some years. No matter what I have done or what I will do, staying positive and looking at everything in the best light has and will be a constant i my life.

Thoughts about being outdoor from Brian Wortel

Being outdoors and exploring new places has always been one of the things I looked forward to doing in my free time or on vacation. As we plan for retirement it will be one of the main focuses on our travels.  Although I prefer the sunny beaches of a tropical island, I also enjoy the mountains and the unbelievable views they can give oneself.

Brian Wortel – Interests

Has many varied interests from healthy living to traveling to new places.  As we get older, we evolve our interests that our experiences in life have allowed us to become who we are at different stages.

Currently, healthy eating habits have been a main priority over the past year. As we age and we look at how we want to spend the next chapter in life, I have chosen to be as healthy as I can be. Although this was not a drastic change in lifestyle, it does require a lot of dedication and a strong will to succeed. One can tell subtle changes to the body over even short periods of time. Dietary changes as little as adding lemon to one’s water can make a big difference on how one feels.

Going to the gym has always been a great tension reduction kind of activity for myself.  It is a pleasure that is hard to describe but comes from seeing results driven by only what your perception of one’s self-matriculates over time. Adding Orange Theory Fitness into my weekly workouts has been a tremendous addition not only for the health benefits but also for my mind. It has become a great motivator in challenging myself to be the best I can be. This I believe, has replaced the competitive streak that has been missing since I have stopped running marathons a few years back.